Thursday, February 13, 2014

A day that lasts forever...

We had a very productive time working in our partners office today.  
I am actually wearing a beautiful Indian Kurta, but it is a little cold inside so I am also wearing a down jacket!  Pintu, the wonderful man who helps us in the office brought us a steady supply of snacks, chai and juices all day.  We also had an excellent vegetarian lunch provided so graciously by our hosts.

Today we worked on our presentations for our partner Swabhimaan.  I am in charge of documenting existing procedures and making recommendations for the future, Eduardo is working on marketing and fund raising and Kazu has the growth strategy.  All three will be a coordinated effort, but we each needed to lead one piece in order to meet our timeline.  I think we have a very good and achievable (though will be a lot of work) outline documented to take them through tomorrow.  

After we finished our first drafts Mr Sanjay, Vishwas and Sameer took us shopping.  We went to the Aristocrat, then to the MBD Neopolis Mall and finally to Vishal Mega Mart (Indian Super Walmart) where I did all of my purchasing at 10pm.  
As you can see from above, Valentines is celebrates in India!  There are hearts, flowers and chocolates everywhere!!  In fact, driving home tonight, at midnight, men were on the streets buying beautiful bouquets of red roses and teddy bears!
And this is what $25 gets you at Vishal market at 10am.  5 scarves, 2 pairs of pants, 1 Kurta, 3 baby dresses, 1 baby fleece outfit, 4 fleece baby pants, 2 baby tank tops.

After shopping, we went to Mr. Sanjays house for a South Indian dinner of Dosa with butterscotch ice cream for dessert!  Amazing hospitality by our host and hostess!!  I almost forgot to mention that Mr. Sanjays handsome boys accompanied us for much of the evening as well.  The oldest son is studying IT at the university and the youngest, at the age of 14, is at the top of his class in a local private school.  His English was better than mine and he was so polite, such a gentleman!

And now it is way past my bedtime as it is 1am and I cannot seem to sleep past 6am.  I hope everyone reading this is doing well and having a wonderful, morning, day or evening!!


  1. Good luck with the presentation tomorrow! Those scarves are beautiful!

  2. Continue your great posts Cathy !! I may not comment on all of them, but I am surely reading and enjoying them!
    And don't even think of removing that plastic on your chair!