Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Punjabi style

I was exhausted this morning, but somehow I made it on time for our meeting to prereview the charts for our customer.  We were picked up by our driver, here is a view of what traffic can be like:

Before presenting we had an amazing lunch graciously prepared by Tej's wife.
After, lunch we put our finishing touches on our proposals and then spent some time in discussions with our partners until all of the stakeholders arrived.

Once the presentations started we were able to experience a new style of conference calls, which is to take cell phone calls while being presented to.
We had a great meeting, even if it got a bit emotional at times.  The passion for the education of Indian children below the poverty line is high and contagious.  I am excited to help Swabhimaan get where they need to be to help the maximum number of children.

For tea/dinner we went to Jaspreet's house and spent Valentines Day with him and his parents.  Jaspreet's mom made an incredible array of food that was all quite delicious.  And although we went for tea time, tea was the last thing we had!

And how exciting, Jaspreet had a copy of the newspaper that Kazu, Eduardo and I were published in.
At the end of the evening we called for taxis, but due to the holiday there were no cars available, but Jaspreet's and his father kindly drove us home.  

We all then met in the team room to enjoy Valentines candy, Bollywood music and the Olympics. Tomorrow will be a day of sleeping, shopping, massage, maybe a Bollywood movie as well as homework for our customers.

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