Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday trains and Dominoids

We had decided that Sunday we would catch the Himalayan Queen train from Shimla and ride it for 3 hours to Solan where our drivers would meet us and drive us the rest of the way home. This train is very slow, but cuts through the mountains that promised to showcase amazing views.  So although this side adventure probably added several hours to our journey home and meant we only had Saturday for our explorations of the city of Shimla, we decided it was worth it.

The start of our 'Jubiliant' journey

The trip did prove to be an interesting one and I think we were all glad we went along with the adventure.  I have provided a bunch of pictures below for you to enjoy:
                                                                                                   Anneliese and Peter ready to get going

The message on the wall reads: Tolerance of other fairs imparts to us the understanding of our own.

The train moved so slowly that people felt safe just hanging out of the open door - view of the mustard fields
Going over stone bridges and a father and son driving team

Train Snacks and my new favorite kid - he guessed my age was 7!

I love the socks with flops combo, some of us are already rockin' this look.
The bathroom was a new experience as I found that it is just a hole with no containment tank

Cristian giving the Indian flag a high five and this man found a comfy place to snooze by the train tracks!
After the ride our drivers were right outside of our train car waiting to take us home.  We stopped at Domino's for some pizza and also hit the grocery store.
I didn't buy it, but I am sure I would have given it a Thums up!

Please read the words above Anneliese and Dymtro's hands
Just in case you aren't sure what a he or she is, they also provided photos
We made it home by 7:30pm to shower, relax and prepare for the week ahead.


  1. Ha you and Rick are totally going to stay out there and become Dominoids, aren't you? Well we'll take good care of Wana if you do. The train ride looked amazing!! And I can totally picture your laugh when the kid guessed you were 7. Too cute. Sounds like it was a great weekend! A lot different than a trip to the mountains here :)

  2. HAHAHA the toilet is really hilarious