Thursday, February 27, 2014

Catching up: Monday & Tuesday week 3

Well, I fell behind this week, very sorry about that.  Monday I had a cold so worked from the hotel...nothing exciting happens when you stay in the hotel, so unfortunately nothing to share from Monday except for the fact that the hotel closes the pool from 11am-4pm each day....strange, it's closed when the weather is the warmest, not sure why such things surprise me anymore!  I did have a very good day in that I was able to get a lot of research and paperwork done for Swabhimaan - no interruptions!

Tuesday was another very good day, in fact I spent a lot of the day trying to create contacts that specialize in teacher training for Swabhimaan teachers and one contact responded very quickly and we set a date for Wednesday.  Unfortunately, Swabhimaan schools struggle to find teachers that are willing to teach underprivileged children, therefore the teachers they do get are very inexperienced and have less education qualifications. Now what we are looking to do is to help educate those that are willing to teach in the schools and give them new and innovative ways to teach these kids who may have not started their first learning until 8,9, or 10 years old.  Imagine, starting school for the first time in your life at age 10....

Tuesday was also a great day for lunch!  We went out for lunch, when we typically eat in - was delicious!  We ate Channe Bhature & Nan Choor at Shree Ganpati, a street side stall.



 Above is a 'modern' advertising machine.

Afterwards, I finally remembered to ask what these symbols meant in our clients office (don't think Nazis!):
Top is God is One, middle is Victory and the bottom means Holy Profit
In the evening Anneliese and I went back to a store where we bought our fancy Indian clothes to get the tailoring fixed as they made both of ours too small - maybe it's all of the Channe Bhature? :(  Thankfully, my clients wife Kanika and her daughter Ashna went with us to help explain what was wrong and get help in making them fix it!  This task would have been next to impossible without their help!  We actually didn't get back to the hotel in after 10pm, because we stopped at my clients house after wards as well and chatted for some time.  We were driven back and my client came up to our team room in the hotel to examine scarves we had purchased and let us know if he could help arrange to get additional scarves at maybe a better price (he is in the textiles business).  So that is about it for Tuesday - Wednesday will be a full day of pictures and descriptions which will have to wait until tomorrow night.

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