Saturday, March 8, 2014

3rd Tuesday

I can't believe this is the third Tuesday, I am enjoying every day as much as possible and still the days are flying by!  Today was a very positive and successful day at the office.  I was able to help make a potentially good networking connection with a teacher training institution and Swabhimaan schools who needs help with teacher training.  I only reached out to them today and by chance they are available tomorrow morning at 10:30.

Today we went out for lunch, but typically we eat in the office.  It was nice to be outside as the weather is now warm.  Here are the men preparing the food:
We also saw the original and still widely used advertising mechanism:
Also, on our clients wall and in many establishments there are these markings, so I asked what they mean.
It means, from top to bottom: god is one, victory and holy prophet.
Of course Hitler unfortunately misused the middle symbol and so many westerners would view it as a bad symbol, it is Sanskrit and was never intended for the evil that Hitler represented.
After work, Kanika and Ashna, Sanjays wife and daughter, were kind enough to take Anneliese and I back to a shop where we had purchased some items that were tailored for us, but not done correctly.  Thank goodness they came with us as she had to work hard to ensure things were being done and done correctly!  We had some yummy snacks and then went back to their house where they showed us how to properly tie a saree ( I still don't think I can do on my own!).  At around 10pm Mr. Sanjay took us to the hotel and came to our meeting room so that all of us could show him the scarves we had purchased and he could give us additional guidance as textiles is his main livelihood.  Now it is midnight and I am exhausted and ready for bed.  Tomorrow is a very busy day at work and in the evening we have Bhangra dance lessons!!

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