Saturday, March 1, 2014

Swami Vivekanand Saraswati Gurukul - School Run by Swabhimaan NGO

TGIF!  We had planned to be picked up at 8:45am Friday morning so that the Swabhimaan team could organize the school and be sure everything was just right, but that was just not to be the case; we left the hotel at just after 9:45am.

Although, we had a late start to the day it ended being absolutely wonderful.  The kids, the teachers and all of the adults who joined with us in the activities had a fantastic time.  We played, we learned, we laughed a lot and we made memories that will never leave us.  I hope to hear good stories of some of these children making better lives for themselves than what they have now.  I know we are making a difference, I just hope it is enough.

Here are some of the MANY photos that I took on Friday, but my colleagues have so many more.  You may recognize some of these kids now because I have shown you them on previous visits, but hopefully you will enjoy their smiles as much as I do every time I go.
Fixing up the mudpiles

Aryan (Kumar & Kanika's youngest son) helping to teach and wearing the Canada hat


The kids get so excited that if you aren't careful you get pulled down!

Kanika helping with the certificates

Kazu will miss these kids!

My new and wonderful friend Eduardo!

I also have a couple of silly videos as well:

We made a stop for lunch:

After all of the excitement, I was EXHAUSTED.  I enjoyed a quiet evening eating some delicious butter chicken and noodles from across the street - thank you Eduardo, Kazu, Alessandra and Cristian for your wonderful company!!

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