Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last Sunday in Ludhiana

Sunday was a shopping day, as we were not able to get much shopping in on Saturday.  The girls first started at the Punjabi Jutees shop with Dimitri and then we headed to FabIndia to meet Bernardo, Fountain Chowk, the mall for ice cream and coffee and finally to end the day with Bhangra dancing!
A friendly and holy cow taking her morning stroll
Alessandra, Anneliese, and Bernardo all snuggled in the auto

Happened upon Christ Church near the area called Fountain Chowk

Not we are used to, but I enjoyed an excellent cup of chai here!

This dog decided to escort us for the entire time we were exploring Fountain Chowk, in fact he even tried to run after our Auto as we were leaving.
Very confusing sign                                               For lunch - Laat Saab Special Dosa - the best Dosa in town!

roadside barber - these are everywhere in case you need an emergency shave

If you have been to India, you can understand why this sign is so funny!  I think every car that drove past us honked!
A yummy cup of Chai Latte only 70 rupees (just over $1USD) And then the survey, they love surveys here!

As we were marooned in a neighborhood waiting for a taxi we started to attract a lot of 'attention' so I decided to take their picture, so that the picture taking was not one way.

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