Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I know the term 'Holy Cow' was coined in India.

Friday through early Saturday morning we said our tearful goodbyes to the friends headed back to their home countries. I woke up early Saturday morning with the noise of India waking up, which includes horns, dogs barking, birds, monkeys, chai and samosa sellers, the train, etc etc...  But, I had something pleasant to look fwd to... Rick is coming!!  Before ricks arrival I met up with an old friend, Deepan Gupta who used to work with IBM when I was in New York.  Deepan, Dimitri and his friend Vu explored India Gate, Parliament etc... It was a beautiful day.  Rick arrived late that night (flight was an hour late), but it was so nice to see him.

Sunday we spent exploring Delhi together; Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort, pedi cab through Chandni Chok to see the old spice market and the filming of a Bollywood Movie, a Jain temple! a mosque! etc..

I have a lot of photos and videos, but hard to manage them all using my iPad vs my laptop as I don't have as much memory...but will see what I can do.

We then left for Jaipur on Monday morning.  

India gate from the actual park
India gate from the presidents house/Parliament

The presidents house
The Jantar Mantar (Astronomy)
One of the many spice merchants surrounded by bags and bags of dried chili's
@ Chandni Chowk (old spice/everything market)
From the roof top of an old spice house we could view baked goods drying in the morning sun, to be sold that afternoon as well as the set up for the Bollywood movie.

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