Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'Sillycon Valley'

Monday we were working at our clients home office until about 7:30pm.  There were a lot of key activities that we were able to complete, but we are definitely feeling the stress and anxiety that we have so much to do and it is our last week.  Because this NGO is doing such amazing work and has so many dreams to do much more with underprivileged children in India we really feel the pressure to help them as much as we can. 

At around 8pm, about four more of our team members joined us for dinner at our clients house.  Kanika made us an amazing dinner!
beautiful art work at our clients home
Pre-dinner snacks

Our amazing dinner

Our clients family members who have passed.                                         Group Photo                                                 

After dinner we enjoyed some singing from Kanika and Eduardo...Kazu too, but he didn't want me to share any videos here :) The videos are sideways and the picture quality bad, but it's the voices that are what I want to good!

On Tuesday, my team worked from the hotel so that we could finalize our charts to be printed on Wednesday.  Thankfully I was able to finish - yay!  Now I will have time to help with some implementation work as well as say goodbye to the children and the cows at the school and temple tomorrow.

In the evening Shruti arrived from Mumbai, was so great to catch up with her again.  Also, our hotel Fortune Klassik held a cocktail hour(s) and an amazing buffet dinner for us!  The employees at the hotel have all been so wonderful to us while we have been here, treating us like family, meeting our every need with a smile and helping us to stay as comfortable as possible.

First the managers came to our team room (love our team room!) and they escorted us to the Neptune Hotel Bar where we were greeted with red roses!  Then we were given so many different appetizers and free drinks - wow!  Jaspreet and his parents then met us around 8pm to join us for dinner, they have been wonderful hosts in Ludhiana and have helped us enjoy our time more than we may have on our own.  We left for dinner around 8:30 or 9pm, but I was already too full that I couldn't eat any of the beautiful food they had prepared for us :(  I did have a bit of dessert though...always room for dessert.  Chris Reed - there was even chocolate brownies!

my boys!
All of us with the hotel staff and the hotel GM - great hosts!
The end of the evening - one more group shot!
After dinner, our team of 12 with Shruti went back up to our team room and had our debriefing with Shruti.  It was a great sharing session, allowed us to share what we think could be improved, our challenges and our joys with our clients, India, CSC, etc...  It was wonderful to hear from everyone, but it was also sad as we knew we were getting that much closer to saying our goodbyes!

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