Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spices Galore!

Wednesday Eduardo and I went with our client to help him get more comfortable with using all of the social media tools that we have set up for him (Eduardo did the hard work here!).  It was a successful day as Kumar used Twitter for the first time and he was very excited about getting over the fear of using it.  
After lunch our client took us to see his spice operation; he is exporting 30 tons of spices to the US and the packaging was being done in a building just around the corner from the house we were working from.  The place smelled wonderfully of cardamom and tea, but it is a different style operation than I had expected.  

On our way back I had to shoot a picture of the new style of antennae’s going up on everyone’s house for my French colleague (the Eiffel tower!).   

After we had finished for the evening we went to a few jewelry stores and I bought a beautiful ring that I designed and will pick up on Thursday evening.  Eduardo discovered he loves diamonds and was VERY close to dropping quite a few rupees on a very handsome diamond encrusted men’s ring.  I recommended he sleep on this large purchase as he typically does not wear jewelry and sometimes we get a little caught up in the moment and buy more than we should… (at least I know I have done that!).  We then met up with some of our other colleagues and went to another VERY LARGE jewelry store where some purchases of emeralds and diamonds were being made for wives and girlfriends.
We ended the evening at the print shop,  as I needed to print Kazu and my deck’s  for Thursday’s final presentation.  The packages looked beautiful and with Kumars help we received a good price from the printer (they are Kumar’s neighbor and their children are friends).  Kumar then dropped all of us off at our hotel so that we could get some good rest and preparation done for Thursday’s big day.
That evening we walked quickly over for some more street food from our favorite German/Indian vendor!

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